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Brands I Love

Spier & Mackay based out of Canada.  They have some of the nicest Extra-long staple Egyptian Giza cotton fabrics, best construction, variety of amazing collars, complete pattern matching and a variety of other top notch details.  They are an amazing value even for a $100 USD a shirt!  Therefore, getting three for $105 USD is truly stunning!  Their off the rack shirts start around $35 each if you buy three at a time and for around $45-50 you get Tessitura Monti fabrics and for $90 Thomas Mason fabrics!  They offer a slim and contemporary fit and have many styles of collar, materials, and patterns.  If you can get sizing down they are a steal, if not, still worth it to try their custom shirting.  They start at around $60 a shirt and up but are made entirely from scratch for something closer to bespoke than simply a Made to Measure shirt!

Their Suits, sportscoats, and blazers are also an incredible value and available in Slim or Contemporary cuts.  All 100% merino wools (most from revered Italian mills) Half canvassed or completely unstructured, bemberg lining or unlined, horn buttons, and some amazing lapel styles and other details.  All for cheaper than a SuitSupply suit of similar quality!  A lot of seasonal fabrics and weights available throughout the year!

Trousers on both suiting and odd trousers are also well built from quality wools, linen, or cotton and available in a true slim fit and a bit more roomy but not classic sized “contemporary fit”.  Only available with belt loops unfortunately, but trousers with side tabs are going to be coming very soon!

Their knitwear features some nice quality merino wool cardigans, V-necks, and other sweaters are all nice Australian Merino Wool and very soft and comfortable!  A great value for the price at retail prices and even better on sale!

While I haven’t had a chance to try out the outerwear yet, it looks to be promising also!

***Remember all pricing on their website is in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and is about 20-25% less in USD at current exchange rates!

Finley and Co

A close friend who has started his own accessories company and has started with artistic pocket squares licensing some contemporary artist’s work!  They make for vibrant pieces that are rich in bold colors and designs and really pop in your outfit.  Made from Italian silk out of Como and feature hand rolled edges, and are currently 13 inch squares but will be being upgraded to 16.5 inch (42cm) shortly!  They are also working on more artwork pocket squares and also women’s scarfs utilizing the same wonderful artwork!

Rampley and Co.

An amazing accessories company that makes socks, ties, pocket squares ,and much more!  They are a bit more pricey but well worth the higher price tag!  Their accessories are all very well made and from top notch materials!  In particular, their pocket squares are some of the nicest I have ever seen or held!  Around 16-17 inches so a very large but not thick square made from the finest silk out of Como, Italy.  They also have stunning hand-rolled edges that are some of the tightest and cleanest I have seen!  The best part is they license artwork from several prestigious institutes and put them to silk!  They have some truly stunning artwork that can be folded and stuffed in your pocket a ton of different ways for dozens of different looks!  Each piece has a multitude of colors and usually a colored edge or border that also is striking and shows off the hand-rolled edges that are so striking!  At around $90 USD for their artwork pocket squares, they are an investment but are stunning and really elevate the overall look of a fine suit jacket or sportscoat!

Grand Frank

Another shirting company, albeit it a bit more pricey even during their sales.  Based out of Stockholm, Sweden.  They don’t match the Spier & Mackay shirts for quality, details, or value BUT they do offer some awesome floral patterns that are truly a thing of beauty!  Their shirts retail for $82 a shirt, and can go for around $45-55 when on sale.  Their sizing is very slim and no other more classic fitting sizes are available currently.  Good for the guy who needs an extra-slim fit shirt.

Unfortunately, the suiting they used to offer (Snatched up three before they stopped luckily) is no longer available.  A shame as they did offer Vitale Barberis Canonico wool half canvas suiting for around $290 USD!

Probably the one area they excel in for me that is still available is their knitwear and suede jackets!  They offer some variety of knitwear in merino wool or cotton and have cardigans, chunky knit shawl collar cardigans, sweaters and turtlenecks that are in great slim fits and some nice classic colors!  Their suede jackets are around $300 USD but are stunning cuts and have both classic and some more bold colors in a bomber and more classic work-wear jackets.

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