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Spier & Mackay based out of Canada.  They have some of the nicest Extra-long staple Egyptian Giza cotton fabrics, best construction, variety of amazing collars, complete pattern matching and a variety of other top notch details.  They are an amazing value even for a $100 USD a shirt!  Therefore, getting three for $105 USD is truly stunning!  Their off the rack shirts start around $35 each if you buy three at a time and for around $45-50 you get Tessitura Monti fabrics and for $90 Thomas Mason fabrics!  They offer a slim and contemporary fit and have many styles of collar, materials, and patterns.  If you can get sizing down they are a steal, if not, still worth it to try their custom shirting.  They start at around $60 a shirt and up but are made entirely from scratch for something closer to bespoke than simply a Made to Measure shirt!

***Remember all pricing on their website is in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and is about 25% less in USD at current exchange rates!

Grand Frank

Another shirting company, albeit it a bit more pricey even during their sales.  Based out of Stockholm, Sweden.  They don’t match the Spier & Mackay shirts for quality, details, or value BUT they do offer some awesome floral patterns that are truly a thing of beauty!  Their shirts retail for $82 a shirt, and can go for around $45-55 when on sale.  Their sizing is very slim and no other more classic fitting sizes are available currently.

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