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A Review of Goodfellow & Co.


We see you, Target.

In the last week, the big-box retailer has caused a noticeable stir with their new menswear line, Goodfellow & Co. I went in on a mission looking for comfortable fits and noteworthy style, and Goodfellow did not disappoint. There were a few flops, but I was fairly impressed with Target’s push to keep up with affordable trends. Based on what I could snatch up at my local store, I’m here to give you the rundown on the yes, the meh, and the nah.


Chino Pants  

  • Standard Fits: Skinny, Slim, Athletic, Straight
  • Big & Tall Fits: Skinny, Slim, Athletic, Straight
  • Price: $22.99
  • Material: 98% cotton, 2% Elastane (spandex).

At my local store, only the slim, athletic, and straight fits were available, but they provided a good range of fits in themselves.

The slim chinos were true to their name and snug throughout with a 15-inch leg opening.  They fit well from the knee down, but were like another layer of skin at the hip and down the thigh. I shudder to think about squeezing into the skinny fit.

The Athletic fit however, was spot on!  They have the same 15-inch leg opening but have a roomier hip and thigh, while not being too baggy.

I measured the Straight fit to wrap up my Chino adventure. These had a very generous 17-inch leg opening and were an even fit throughout.  I would recommend these for men who need more room, or prefer a modern twist on a classic cut. Pictured below is the athletic fit chino pant in khaki (34×32). For the record, I am 6’2″ and 205 pounds.

Also featured in the pictures above is Goodfellow & Co’s button-down shirt. This business casual top also makes my YES list!

Henley Shirts

  • Variations: long sleeve, short sleeve, long sleeve micro-waffle (textured)
  • Price: $12.99 – $14.99
  • Material: 100% cotton; 60% cotton, 40% polyester (micro-waffle)

These shirts offer a perfectly relaxed fit and are fairly true to size. The material is breathable & comfortable. The best part about these henleys is their versatility. For the price, grab one in every color and head over to a friend’s fall party, or a football game! To give these ordinary pieces a dappered boost, grab a pair of chelsea boots or a light-weight jacket!

For a slimmer fit, feel free to size down. Pictured below are two of the long sleeve versions. Both are sized down from my normal Large to Mediums and give a nice slim look.  The boots pictured are from Paul Evans’ line and are absolutely more of a splurge!


Cardigan Sweater

  • Price: $29.99
  • Material: 80% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% Wool

Don’t confuse this item with the pullover sweater. These lightweight cardigans are more open and can be minimally buttoned or left open entirely.  This navy cardigan complimented the chino pants perfectly, and would be a great addition to your wardrobe as autumn starts to creep up. The arms give enough room to wear a thin shirt underneath and the sweater doesn’t hug too tight when buttoned. Runs true to size, size down for slimmer fit.  Pictured is a size Medium Cardigan for a nice tapered layer that hugs the body but isn’t too tight.

Unfortunately, the pullover sweaters were too short on my lengthy torso. But, I feel they are worth the mention. The colors are beautiful and rich, perfect for fall! They range from darker hues like forest green, burgundy, a beautiful rust and the navy blue pictured to oatmeal!  The best part? Itch-free. Too bad the length was a touch too short for my height.  Most should fine a wonderful cotton sweater for under $25.  Just wash only when needed, on cold, and air dry to prevent shrinkage!

Pictured below is a medium cardigan in navy blue. My wife photographer assured me that wearing comfy sweaters always makes you want to run your fingers through your hair.



Polo Shirt

  • Variations: jersey, pique, rugby
  • Price: $9.99 – $16.99
  • Materials: 100% cotton

The polos weren’t bad. They just didn’t blow me away enough to make them a 100% yes. The prices are fair and the fits were okay, but I recognized the material right away. You know, the one where you throw it in the dryer and it comes out fitting your 12-year-old nephew perfectly? I grabbed one at the store for $15 because it looks good under the cardigan, but I won’t be returning for another. Pictured below is a white jersey polo in large.


  • Standard Fits: Skinny, Slim, Athletic, Slim-Straight, Straight
  • Big & Tall Fits: Skinny, Slim, Athletic, Slim-Straight, Straight
  • Price: $27.99 – $39.99
  • Material depends on the jean

All that I found were jeans that had 2-3% Elastane and polyester in small amounts.  They are SUPER stretchy, so you may need to size down a size or two in the waist.  The Skinny, slim, athletic and Big & Tall fits weren’t in any of the three local stores I visited, so the lack of variety may be contributing to my “meh” disposition.  The Slim-Straight were a nice in-between fit and had a 15.5 inch leg opening, and the Straight fit had a very wide 17.5 inch leg opening and were more like a regular fit overall. In Goodfellow & Co’s defense, a good-fitting jean is hard to find.


The Shoes

The shoe styles were hit or miss and every pair I looked at used 100% man-made material with no actual leather in sight. Even the uppers were man-made.  You might get a few decent wears out of them, but my bet is that they won’t last much longer. My general rule of thumb is to spend a bit more on shoes that are comfortable and reliable.  Look for fullgrain calfskin, leather linings, and if you really want them to last for decades, a resolable shoe in either a Blake stitch or Goodyear welt!  You pay more upfront but spend much less in cost per wear over the duration of the shoes lifetime!


Another missed opportunity. There was a very small section of socks and underwear. I did stumble upon some cool socks, but had to pass. Each pair was almost entirely polyester with no cotton or wool woven in.  You don’t want to be caught in non-breathable undergarments in the humid heat of summer!


At first glance, the jackets at my local stores caught my eye. But, the closer I got to them, the faster I realized that they were plastic-y, shiny, and overall poor quality. The couple articles I found that were more aesthetically pleasing wound up fitting terribly.

See? Just look at my face.  The fit was quite good but it was composed of completely manmade materials and felt just as cheap as it looked. Pass on the outerwear unless you find one of the cotton variants that fits well and you like the styling on.


There were many more articles of clothing not included in this post that would be buy-worthy – the crew and v-neck shirts, shawl cable cardigans, and bags – just to name a few. Overall, I’m really excited about Goodfellow and Co’s fall line. It shows a lot of promise and I’m excited to see what else Target puts out on their shelves!


***Update 1/17/2018

A couple readers have commented on shrinkage in the clothing and I wanted to take a brief moment, to touch on that element!

With any natural material shrinkage is going to occur to some extent, how much depends on a variety of things.  These include things like the material used, the way it is washed and in what temperature water, and of course most importantly is how the garment is dried.  For example, a 100% cotton garment is going to shrink somewhere between 1-3% if is has been pre-shrunk, and much more if not.  Most garments using a high percentage of cotton will only shrink in the former and you can help drastically minimize it with a few basic steps in your cleaning process!

To minimize shrinkage as well as keep your garment from prematurely fading or the fibers from breaking down as fast, you want to turn inside out before you do anything else.  Next, you want to wash with a mild detergent in a cold water wash on as delicate a cycle as will actually clean the garment.  Then hang or lay flat to air dry if at all possible, as heat not only will cause shrinkage but also lead to the materials wearing down and eventually falling apart at an accelerated rate.

In most custom garments this shrinkage is accounted for in the measurements and additional length and width tweaked to still fit well with that shrinkage in mind.  In shirts, for example, you are going to see the most shrinkage in the warp oppose to the weft or in other words the length will shrink the most.  The collar, sleeve length, and overall shirt length will see the most of the shrinkage as will the length of trousers as a couple comments suggested.  If you are trying out trousers, try to get slightly longer length than you want when you buy.  Doesn’t need to be much but just an extra half inch or so will be good and clothing can vary that much even in same exact brand/cut/and size as they will vary a little bit.  So try on but if it is just long enough when you try on, you may have something a bit too short after the first or secondary washes.

Stay Dapper,




* This is not a sponsored post. All opinions about this clothing line are my own.


13 thoughts on “A Review of Goodfellow & Co. Leave a comment

  1. Late to this post! I just purchased these and followed the washing instructions on the label. Not pleased! Dried them on extra low and noticed they shrunk 1 inch in length. Just curious but when you air dryed your pair, did you notice any shrinkage at all?


  2. Thank you Chris for the OD chinos you bought me for my birthday! I wore them today and they fit and looked
    great! I love well fitted jeans, but Chinos are a relief in this hot/humid climate of Florida. The athletic fit that you picked out for me worked extremely well as I do like the slim leg with room to breathe. These are a bargain not to pass up! I plan on purchasing a burgundy pair as well. Can’t wait for the weather to cool off a bit so I can wear the waistcoat also, which was quite a deal! Your readers would be well advised to check it out.


  3. I’ve been thinking of retiring some of my dress pants I wear to work in favor of more Chinos since we keep it reasonably casual in our office. I’ll have to check these out. Thanks!


    • 100% check their Chinos out! Just grabbed the burgundy, Olive, khaki colors in the Athletic Fit and they are great fit and comfortable thanks to the 2% spandex! Can try the slim, but it is a very slim fit in hip and thigh. Athletic is same slim leg but a bit more room up top!


  4. Great post – thanks for the good info. I am absolutely going to have to check out this new line. I could use a few more stylish, comfortable, and affordable pants and shirts in my work rotation. Thanks!


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